5 Trends that define the future of Mobile Application development

5 Trends that define the future of Mobile Application development

Introducing Mobile apps upheaval future of Mobile technologies absolutely, today there are more than 1 million smartphones and on an average app installation or downloads reach 179 billion per year. In this rapid pace of 4G internet technology now it is just like vital part

In receding years many new technologies from best android app development company Australia arrived in the market make mobile revolution apparently skyrocketing. But disgracefully many of them in the verge of extinction while other companies bulging out strongly in this competitive run. Mobile app market continues to thrive when it expands its customer base and revenue model and this may be possible with formulating of mobile apps with innovative ideas.


If you owned a prominent custom android application development company with sizeable custom app developer team whereas escalating growth of uncountable apps you want to secure the best place for your app. For a better mobile app development USA or technology, it is extremely mandatory to familiar with prevalent apps in the market. Then carefully read our post, here we give you brief and concise points of trends that define the future of mobile application development.

Top 5 Mobile Application trends that define future

  1. Overgrowing popularity of Voice search features: It is overwhelming that features of mobile apps have become inexplicably tangled with the digital ecosystem as well as our lives. The popularity of voice search features creates hype in the market. By the advent of Amazon Echo, Cortana, Siri, Alexa has pushed the world boundaries from text to voice-based searches. Albeit users are employing advantage of voice search technology to ease up their business as to complete some daily task.
  2. Opting Artificial Intelligence features: Although a lot of best android app development company prefers to opt AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology to develop smarter and feasible apps. Furthermore, implementation of AI gives your smartphone a power to control all objects nearby your surroundings either to on/off bulb, turn on your securities camera, controlling WIFI and many more functionalities with apps. With introducing AI smartphones just became like a remote control in your hands where a user can access information, paying bills, orders, subscription services, in order to monitor things, merge with social networks and so on.
  3. Upsurge in API: We are entering into a new era envisions connected or cooperative applications through cloud-based API Integrations. API integration enables businesses to process transactions, it also creates a simpler and faster way to do business. While initializing of streamlining software development procedure it is essential to have a relevant API. During third-party API Integration, the most crucial is to ensure through periodically monitor & test the application programming interface.API enhance integrated UPS services & customer services as a capability to do better business profit.
  4. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality ruling the world: Not just in retail and gaming industry AR and VR gain significance has gone mainstream in mobility solutions. For prestigious tech industries, AR and VR opened a new path to exhibit potential to amuse their customers in a convenient way and Pokémon Go exemplify it in the best way. Another buzz that gradually VR exhibits all its colours so tech manufacturers have shown their interest in VR.
  5. Rise in progressive web apps: Nowadays progressive web app created a buzz in the market. In 2018 it becomes eminently emerging a global leader without compromising native-like experience it overtakes cross-platform technology. Concurrently to native applications though it has features of access, responsiveness, storage capacity and instant load time functionality.



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